“Words, Power and Sound” Exhibition

PALABRA, PODER y SONIDO (“Words, Power and Sound”) exhibition opened to the Mexican public on November 19-2014 in the city of Chetumal, in Quintana Roo State, Mexico. One of the premises of the exhibition is the value and power of the creative poster art to communicate vision and bring cultures closer.  The large colorful posters were exhibited in the spacious gallery in the beautiful Museum of Mayan Culture. The fall exhibition features works by the top Jamaican poster artist and designer Michael Thompson aka Freestylee, the presentation was one of the final events organized by the annual Culture Festival Caribbean 2014, now celebrating its 40th year.
The artist Michael Thompson, along with Deputy Secretary of Basic Education, Lorenzo Olivera, director of the Museum of Maya Culture, Alfonsina Pardo spoke at the opening and explained the origin and development of the works, including three new works dedicated to Mexican National Heroes: Emiliano Zapata and Francisco Villa and Afro-Mexican freedom fighter Gaspar Yange.


Secretariat Lorenzo González Olivera, welcomed the large gathering to the opening, and congratulated the high level of artistic participation in all areas of the festival, and applauded the strong support and assistance of the public, he said “That tourists and locals alike have enjoyed the Festival in all 10 municipalities of Quintana Roo”.

Therefore, “we are pleased to close the festival here in Chetumal, with this important art exhibition connecting us with the city of Kingston, Jamaica” he said, according to UN Press.This collection of posters alluding to the visual history of the reggae world, and the colorful narratives of the music’s global journey, “the posters also pay witness to the Rastafarian culture founded on this culturally important Anglophone Caribbean nation.”




All 36 pieces on display are original works in the exhibition and narrates visually the history of reggae music and the global connotations of the music, some of the iconic figures represented in the exhibition were Bob Marley (1945-1981), Peter Tosh (1944-1987), and Prince Buster (1938), other posters featured historical figures like Marcus Garvey (1944- 1987), and Haile Selassie (1892-1975).

The curators of the PALABRA, PODER y SONIDO exhibition are Memo Mujica and Monica Vega of Culture Reggae from Mexico City, more exhibitions are planned for the State of Quintana Roo in 2015.





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