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The “FREESTYLEE ROOTS” Exhibition at FES Acatlán – UNAM

The “FREESTYLEE ROOTS” exhibition opened at the campus of FES Acatlán - UNAM on March 14, 2016, in northern Mexico City. The exhibition was organized as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Jamaica/Mexico diplomatic...

“Words, Power and Sound” Exhibition

PALABRA, PODER y SONIDO (“Words, Power and Sound”) exhibition opened to the Mexican public on November 19-2014 in the city of Chetumal, in Quintana Roo State, Mexico. One of the premises of the exhibition is...

Freestylee Exhibition, Keene NY

Michael Thompson Freestylee Exhibited his Reggae Poster Art at Keene Arts in Keene Valley on 27th, July, 2013. Visitors had the honor to learn about the history of Jamaican reggae and listen to great music. Raffles...

Michael Thompson awarded by the Alpha Boys’ School.

Michael Thompson recently designed and generously donated a logo for the Alpha Boys’ School which has nurtered several generations of Jamaican musicians. Sister Susan Frazer, RSM, Director of the school, first saw the illustration of...

Talk at the University of West Indies

“Design is what we do and it’s a powerful tool that I use for a social cause.” Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. Michael Thompson (Freestylee) spoke on Thursday, April 18 at the final in the 2013 series...

Exhibition at the University of the West Indies Museum

On March 2013 Freestylee Posters were exhibited at the University of the West Indies Museum, curated by Dr. Suzanne Francis-Brown. Dr. Suzanne Francis-Brown, says Thompson’s exhibition has attracted a lot of positive attention, both for the...